• Design, Set up and Management Services for High Impact Renovation Programs

  • The leader at designing and managing eco-sustainable home renovation programs in Europe

    We have a proven track record in providing technical assistance & financial solutions to cities and regions.

    Learn more about our renovation programs and European projects.

  • Focused on supporting cities and delivering high impact

    Driven by innovation & experience

    93%+* of European citizens see climate change as a serious problem

    GNE Solutions works to support cities and regions in mitigating climate change by offering full-service eco-sustainable home renovation programs.

    300 + European cities* have declared climate emergencies

    Doing nothing is not an option. The growing consensus among European cities dictates that we need actional solutions to tackle climate change.

    Nearly 97 %* of all buildings are inefficient

    Buildings also emit 40% of energy and are responsible for 36% of all CO2 emissions in the EU. This makes effective, eco-sustainable renovation indispensable for a healthy future.

    €200 billion a year* is needed for the next 30 years

    In order to undertake the necessary EU-wide deep energy renovation, substantial funds need to be unlocked. GNE Solutions has the right experience & know-how to achieve this.

  • Benefits for Cities and Regions

    Our goal is to ensure that the future of cities is green and inclusive

    Creating local jobs


    Per €1M invested in sustainable renovation projects, 18 local jobs are created,* thus boosting the local economy and supporting SMEs working in the construction sector. Also, governments can save €6000 annually for each unemployed person retrained to enter the construction sector.

    Making cities & regions more efficient

    Renovating 1M homes leads to public administration budget savings of €370M and is key to reaching the 2050 carbon neutrality with no additional public debt.* With our know-how, we help increase the pace and scale of eco-sustainable home renovations.

    Achieving climate goals


    Our expertise contributes to decarbonizing the European building stock, which accounts for 36% of Europe's carbon emissions and 40% of its energy usage.* Well-structured programs can help triple the energy renovation rate, which is necessary to achieve the 2050 net-zero emission goal.*

    Mobilizing private capital for public good

    At GNE Solutions we are leaders at an international level, having a proven track record & vast expertise in setting up tailored public-private partnerships and innovative financing solutions to activate the renovation wave.

    Fighting energy poverty & inequality

    Energy poverty affects almost 11% (50M) of the EU population.* At GNE Solutions we are dedicated to supporting vulnerable groups by ensuring access to financing and technical assistance for all, leaving no one behind.

    Delivering a citizen-ready solution

    Typically, home renovation can be stressful, time-consuming and uncertain.* Our renovation programs support Europeans throughout the entire renovation journey by offering people-centric support and accessible financing.

    Improving residents' health & comfort

    Poor housing quality leads to health issues,* This causes an annual loss of €950B in medical and related costs.* By fostering the creation of healthier homes, Europeans' quality of life and productivity improve greatly.

    Closing the investment gap

    At the European level, an investment gap of €185 billion per year must be filled through a collaboration between public and private sectors.* For every €1 of public money invested in energy renovation, a return of €0,62 is achieved annually.* 

  • Our Solutions

    We create a holistic solution enabling cities to offer technical assistance and affordable financing to their citizens


    Program Co-Design

    Supporting cities and region in designing effective programs


    Program Set-up

    Setting up technical assistance and financing services


    Program Management

    Stimulating demand to boost sustainable renovation

  • Effective Renovation Program Formula

    At GNE Solutions, we know that home renovation can be a costly and stressful undertaking.

    It doesn't have to be. We offer a market-tested formula addressing the needs of citizens, public authorities, and energy services contractors that results in high social, economic, and environmental impact.

    Market analysis & program co-design

    GNE Solutions works closely with public authorities and conducts market and gap analyses. This allows us to co-design programs that address local needs.

    Sales, marketing & contractor training

    We deploy trained and trusted sales experts that focus on proactively generating projects. GNE Solutions designs marketing tools and campaigns focused on delivering projects.

    Set up of effective program structure

    An effective program structure can help mitigate the risk for public authorities and investors. We make sure the necessary legal framework is in place for the program entity and the financing vehicle.

    Affordable smart financing

    Unlocking private capital and combining it with public funds, incentives, subsidies and rebates to ensure affordable loan repayments for European citizens. Learn more below.

    Impact tracking

    GNE Solutions provides a state of the art social, economic and environmental impact dashboard, making it simple for cities and regions to be transparent about their impact on the community.

    Digital tools

    We set up secure and user-friendly digital tools to facilitate the customer journey form application to project completion. This includes both front- and back-office tools.

  • Our Financing Solution

    We offer loans specifically designed for eco-sustainable home renovation. Homeowners can finance up to 100% of investments in a project. Long terms and attractive interest rates result in affordable monthly repayments, motivating homeowners to take action.

    Eligible Properties

    Apartments, stand-alone and semi-detached houses, and multi-family buildings

    Eligible Measures

    Energy efficiency, renewable energy, accessibility, smart homes and more

  • Benefits of Our Financing Solution

    In order to provide valuable options to citizens to make their home renovation journey as comfortable as possible, we constantly adapt to customers’ needs and public authorities’ policy goals.

    Fast & easy application

    Easier than a bank, we use digital tools to simplify the application process.



    From 5 to 15 years, matching the loan's duration to the useful lifetime of implemented measures and projected savings.

    Secure payment


    Homeowners are protected from contractor performance risk. Payments are made directly by the program after validation.

    Lower monthly payments

    Longer terms translate into lower monthly payments, minimizing impact on families' budgets.

    Flexible loan amounts

    Ranging from €5.000 to €100.000, loans meet individual renovation needs and support ambitious renovations.

    No cancellation costs

    More flexibility as compared to bank loans.

  • Our Impact

    At GNE Solutions, our impact is threefold


    We spend 90% of our time indoors and 2/3 at home. In fact, 2.2 million Europeans currently suffer from asthma, partly as a result of their living conditions.* A lack of light or adequate heating has been shown to gravely impact both physical and mental health.** We believe every European citizen has a right to a healthy, comfortable home. At GNE Solutions we are focused on combatting energy poverty.


    Eco-sustainable renovation helps lower the CO2 emissions, thus bringing Europe closer to compliance with the Paris Agreement aim of keeping the global average temperature rise below 2.0°C.* Renovating existing buildings could reduce the EU's total energy consumption by 5 to 6%.* We are determined to support the achievement of the European Green Deal's goals and the EU's mission to be climate-neutral by 2050.*


    Through our work, we boost the economy and create local jobs; per €1 million invested, 18 new, local jobs are created.° Additionally, 60% of home energy efficiency project expenditures goes to labour, further bolstering employment growth.*

    As studying and working from home is increasingly becoming the norm, healthy domestic environments are essential for stimulating productivity.*

  • Developing partnerships to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for all European citizens

    Successful partnerships are based on a shared vision, common values, and complementary skills. Learn more about how working with GNE Solutions can benefit your city or region.

  • Our Pilot Programs

    We work together with cities and regions and design, set up and manage integrated home renovation programs

  • HolaDomus - Eco-sustainable home renovation program in Catalonia

    HolaDomus is the pilot program launched under the auspices of the EuroPACE project (see EuroPACE below), co-led by GNE Finance and the City of Olot. HolaDomus’ mission is to combat climate change whilst simultaneously improving citizens' health, well-being and comfort through home renovation.


    Offering technical assistance, affordable financing and access to trained contractors, HolaDomus makes home renovation simpler, more affordable and reliable. Energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, green roofs, fuel cells, batteries and other innovative improvements can be implemented through the HolaDomus program and financed by GNE Finance.

    Opengela - Eco-sustainable home renovation program in the Basque Country

    Opgengela is a programme looking to boost urban regeneration in the Basque Country through comprehensive building renovation. The program relies on district offices that act as a one-stop-shop to support the local community. Every district office manages the entirety of the renovation process: from application, technical assessment to financing.


    This program is designed under the auspices of HIROSS4All project (see below). The pilot is focused on two neighbourhoods: Otxarkoaga (Bilbao) and Txonta (Eibar).

  • Our Projects

    Our portfolio of European projects demonstrates our leadership and commitment to innovation

  • The following initiatives span across Belgium, Chile, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

    EuroPACE - Simple, reliable home renovation financing for Europeans.

    EuroPACE adapts an innovative financing tool called PACE to the European market. The project has three main pillars:

    1. Research - market review to determine viability and attractiveness of EuroPACE financing across Europe;
    2. Creation - design and launch the first residential EuroPACE pilot in the city of Olot, Catalunya, Spain;
    3. Scale - identify, align with and support 4 Leader Cities in setting up EuroPACE programmes.

    GNE Finance conceived EuroPACE and has led a coalition which was awarded funding by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


    The main objective of this project is to develop a home renovation service for vulnerable segments of the population living in multifamily apartment buildings in the Basque Country. This goal is being accomplished by setting up district offices as one-stop shops to facilitate turn-key solutions homeowners, covering the whole customer journey. Such district offices enable Basque citizens to gain access to reliable professionals and make for an easy renovation journey.


    The home renovation offering focuses on significant energy efficiency improvements and considers important social dimensions of the renovation process such as accessibility, comfort, security, cultural identity and mutual trust.


    EEnvest aims to support real estate investor decision-making processes by translating technical energy efficiency parameters into clear economic indicators used to evaluate financial risks of an energy efficiency investment.


    The project will incorporate non-energy benefits of building retrofits accruing to investors, property users, owners, and society as a whole. EEnvest intends to strengthen mutual trust and understanding among real estate investors, property owners and users by identifying, quantifying and mitigating technical risks associated with energy efficiency investments as well as by reducing lending risk and thus lowering the cost of capital.


    The project focuses on the commercial real estate market in Italy and Spain.


    The project brings together third-party financing companies formed by French regions and cities with the goal of creating a refinancing platform. ORFEE intends to set up a resource centre for the local home renovation programs in France. Additionally, the project will implement a quality and compliance framework adapted to the various types of home renovation loans.

    Sav€ the Homes

    Sav€ the Homes aims to create innovative ‘integrated home renovation services’ in two cities: Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Valencia, Spain. The project will overcome a number of barriers to residential renovation, including lack of technical skills, market fragmentation, lack of affordable financing and trust.


    FITHOME intends to retrofit 1000+ family homes in 3-7 municipalities in the Netherlands. The project has the following pillars:

    • Develop and deploy a robust innovative financial instrument;
    • Engage with customers through a digital end-to-end solution;
    • Prepare for future scaling through a Pan-European investment platform.


    Project was awarded in early 2021, implementation will begin shortly.

    The Social Energy Renovations (SER) project brings together an integrated solution by combining affordable financing and technical assistance to enable sustainable building renovations in the non-profit sector. This involves people-centric stakeholder engagement, standardised technical project design, impact monitoring, and up-front financing. The project aims to simplify renovation by digitising the renovation process and providing support through a streamlined ESCO service. Finally, the project enables private capital flow to the non-profit sector, thus maximising social and environmental impacts.


    Sustainable renovations will be fostered Italy's non-profit sector over the next 3 years, with further scaling foreseen in Bulgaria and France, and exploratory roundtables in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.


    Project was awarded in early 2021, implementation will begin shortly.

    REGENERATE is a 3-year project that brings together the three Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, and GNE Finance. Being especially vulnerable to climate change due to local climate conditions and the islands' dependence on fossil fuels, the Balearic Islands face an urgent need to transform their tourism-dependent economy into a resilient, green one.


    REGENERATE galvanizes clean energy investments on the Balearic Islands through the deployment of an innovative, market-driven and people-centric formula, seeking to stimulate sustainable home renovation on the islands by virtue of integrating a holistic one-stop-shop service with affordable and accessible financing.

    PACE for Europe: Switzerland and Norway

    This project explored the viability of the PACE financing mechanism to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation improvements to residential and commercial buildings in Switzerland and Norway. The project entailed the following activities:

    1. Market research on the Swiss and Norwegian building renovation market and fiscal instruments to identify opportunities and challenges for EuroPACE implementation;
    2. Interviews with experts, investors and public authority representatives in Norway and Switzerland;
    3. Two half-day workshops with investors and public authorities in Norway and Switzerland;
    4. Market briefs assessing market readiness for EuroPACE.

    Sustainable Financing Models in Chile - World Bank

    The objective of this project is to identify and develop sustainable business models and EE financing mechanisms for retrofits in the residential sector in Chile. To this end, the assignment will seek to:

    1. Assess the EE residential retrofit market for the medium-income level in all nine thermal areas of the country;
    2. Identify key regulatory, financial, and technical barriers to scaling-up EE in this sector with focus on EE financing issues;
    3. Develop specific recommendations to address these barriers and issues;
    4. Assess potential applications of different EE financing mechanisms and identify the most suitable EE financing for the residential EE retrofit sector for the targeted income level;
    5. Develop the design and implementation arrangements for the selected financing mechanism.
  • GNE Solutions, a business unit of GNE Finance

    GNE Solutions was established in late 2019 as a business unit of GNE Finance, a high impact investment company headquartered in Barcelona. GNE Solutions offers advisory and consulting services to European cities and regions with regards to the design, set up and management of eco-sustainable home renovation programs. GNE Solutions leverages a fully-funded financing platform that can be deployed to support cities' efforts to decarbonize residential buildings. The business unit also oversees a portfolio of European projects.

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