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Sustainable Home Renovation: Key Policy Positions

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GNE Solutions provides private capital financing solutions to home and building renovation programs in Europe. The following positions address the residential market:

  1. The clean energy transition must be fair, comprehensive, and inclusive to bring benefits to all Europeans and cement Europe’s leadership in fighting the climate change. GNE Solutions contributed to the creation of resilient and vibrant communities that enjoy economic growth and healthy environment.
  2. Home renovation is not just private business but a public priority, thus cities, regions, and local public administrations should play a key role in enabling and supporting home upgrades. GNE Solutions is working with public authorities to design & implement home renovation programs and provide affordable, people-centric financing.
  3. The clean energy transition must support the environment, economic and social dimensions. At GNE Solutions, we believe that:
  • Environmental targets for home renovation must be mandatory and in line with 2050 goals.
  • From an economic point view, effective financing instruments are needed to reach the investments required to reach the environmental targets.
  • From a social perspective, we recognize that subsidies, grants, technical and fiscal support is needed to ensure that the clean energy transition is just and fair and addressed the needs of vulnerable groups.
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