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A green, fair and resilient recovery: the role of energy efficiency and domestic renewables home retrofits

· home renovation,energy efficiency

By Prashant Vaze, Lionel Mok and Zach Malik from Climate Bonds Initiative.


As a response to the 750bn€ Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program launched by the European Central Bank on the 18th of March 2020 and the 450bn€ support package announced by the EU Finance Ministers on the 9th of April, discussions have arisen about how to optimally allocate these funds between different industries to kick-start the economy in a sustainable way.


Assessing how this goal can be achieved, this paper by Climate Bonds Initiative explores the potential that lies with sustainable renovation programmes to make the economic recovery greener, fairer and more resilient. It delves deeper into current energy usage in homes and barriers to retrofitting, among other relevant topics.

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